What I Ate Wednesday – A Very Busy Tuesday

Tuesday was a super busy day and all of my eats were on-to-go it seems, except for the final meal of the day, dinner, it’s when I finally had the chance to slow down and savor every bite. After drinking my warm lemon water (not pictured), I grabbed a couple  Goji Energy Bars on my… 

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Wheat Berry Beet Salad

Need to power-up, this Wheat Berry Beet salad loaded with nutrients, is sure to give you power! There are times when life gets busy, instead of planning, I sometimes just go for what’s convenient and that’s not always good.  When I was in Marathon training mode I would eat Wheat Berry salads fairly often, it’s… 

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Vegan Queso with Spiced Tortilla Chips

I’m so excited about this Vegan Queso with Spiced Tortilla Chips recipe, I adapted the Queso dip from a Vegan Cheese recipe I found on Simple Vegan Blog, it is absolutely the best vegan cheese dip ever, ever, ever and it’s so easy! I’m a vegetarian who doesn’t eat any animal flesh and some people think… 

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Soup Anyone?

  All you taco and nacho lovers, this soups for you! For the recipe head on over to This Silly Girl’s Life, where I am the contributing author. Continue for the recipe…