Vegan Banana Pumpkin Pancakes

  I woke up with a craving for pumpkin pancakes Sunday, pulled out all the ingredients, only to realize I didn’t have any almond milk. How could that happen, I always have almond milk.  It was decision time, do I go to the store to get more milk or change the breakfast menu, then it… 

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Apple Cinnamon Sticky Buns

Many many years ago in the late 80’s, when I lived in Atlanta, I entered an amateur recipe contest, US Open Cook-Off. I submitted several recipes, but it was my Apple Cinnamon Sticky Buns that won me the entry into the bread division competition. On the day of the competition, my parents drove up from… 

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Tofu Tacos with Chipotle Buffalo Sauce

Tofu Tacos, who knew they could be so good! When I first stopped eating meat, one question I was always ask, Do you eat a lot of tofu? Actually it was quite a while before I gave it a try, and it wasn’t love at first bite, it was a soggy mess. I’ve learned a… 

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Chocolate Vegan French Toast

Chocolate for breakfast! Why can’t you? Especially if they’re Chocolate Vegan French Toast, topped off with Chocolate Apples. Last Saturday I had a craving for french toast, but had no eggs. The solution, make them vegan, to thicken the batter I used whole wheat flour, ground flax seed could also be used. When I eat… 

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Vegan Pumpkin-Date Bread

Guess what! I have another one for you, a Pumpkin recipeeee. An egg-less pumpkin bread recipe. Yes, it’s vegan and refined sugar free. I know some of you my be thinking, if it’s vegan it’s going to be dry.  But it’s far from dry. Dates were added to help moisten as well as sweeten, flax… 

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